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Numbers of significance achievements

Release time:2019-05-07

Numbers of significance achievements

                             Intellectual property work of the company


The non-standard intelligent equipmentmanufacturing industry in which SUNMINE company is located has highrequirements on technological innovation and the innovation ability oftechnical personnel. Since its establishment in 2006, the company hasestablished an enterprise technology center, which was named as Anhuienterprise technology center in 2015, demonstrating the company's emphasis onr&d and innovation.

With the country's emphasis onintellectual property, at the beginning of each year, SUNMINE puts forwardinnovative requirements for the technology research and development center, andpromotes relevant reward and punishment system to mobilize the enthusiasm oftechnical personnel. At the same time, the market's requirements for equipmentsuppliers in r&d and innovation capability are also gradually improved.

With about 50 patent applications peryear, SUNMINE company maintains a high growth rate of intellectual propertyrights, laying a solid innovation foundation for market competition and makingadequate preparations for maintaining its own market.

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