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Our company provides Dragon Boat Festival welfare for our employees

Release time:2019-06-19

The annualDragon Boat Festival is approaching, in order to let employees have a sense ofabundance, feel the warmth of the company's big family, I division I on May 6to all the in-service staff issued the Dragon Boat Festival staff welfare, inthe days of bamboo leaves fragrance to everyone to send a holiday blessing.

Company face theindustry increasingly fierce industry competition environment, marketenvironment under enormous pressure, adhering to the unity , innovation, pragmatic , efficient spirit, thank has been on the job for theenterprise development of selfless dedication quietly struggle every employee,because of you, the company can have confidence for the future development ofthe enterprise, only you, the company can fight the sky in the fierce marketcompetition environment.

The Dragon BoatFestival benefits to the employees brought a happy holiday, further strengthenthe unity of the company, inspired the drive, reflects the enterprise's concernfor employees and warmth.

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