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The working procedures of raised mould forming are as follows: heats and Softens Sheet blows and makes it stretch sheet seals the mould and becomes one sealed cavity extracts out air in the sealing cavity makes it vacuun makes the sheet sucked onto the surface of the male mould cools down forms the finished product.

This kind of mould consists of mould core, base, sealing plate, movable apparatus, heating system, top and bottom reduction frames and etc.

It is made from ZL401 and C5 (Europe), so that its surface finish is very high and without any porosity and pinhole inside. Its movable apparatus, which cores are made from brass that processes high temperature conductivity, are guided by precise linear guides and linear bearings. The pneumatic parts are domestic and imported components, all with high quality, such as SMC. Festo and etc.

It is designed and made by means of CAD/CAM, which processes have entered top at home and come up to the advanced world standards.

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