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Performance testing line

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Refrigerator Performance Testing Line 

This line with trunk distribution layout,is equipped with one industrial control computer and one printer 

that are used for managing of inspection of the temperature property of each refrigerator on the five lines (there are 45 work stations for each line, totally 225 work stations.) It is remote artificial intelligent temperature testing chip that collects the temperature data via two temperature sensors hung respectively at the center of fresh food compartment and freezer compartment, and through the temperature fluctuation of refrigerator, it can easily obtain the explicit data of times of turning on and off, and the detailed time of turning on and off. There is one temperature sensor connected with the large scale chip  and used for testing the ambient temperature.

 The industrial control computer can in realtime process the data from each temperature testing chip by displaying on the screen by means of curves and tables, and can undertake the data search and statistics.

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